Watch Dogs – having fun or not playing this game?

From the moment the game has appeared on the market and even from the first trailer, many players have asked an interesting question: Am I going to have fun playing this game or not? I don’t know about other players, but I had so much fun playing this game. Watch Dogs brought what promised, an entire city, open world, where you fulfill your mission helping yourself hacking various camcorders, bridges, machinery and other mechanism in the area.

Aidan Pierce, the main character from the game, is a hacker who must discover who wanted to assassinate him. You have access to the “operating system” of the town, Chicago is now fully interconnected and controlled digitally, and you can change things in your favor. In addition to the tasks related to the main campaign of the game, you have available numerous optional missions, but very good. You also have a good skills system that will allow you to unlock new tricks or to become an expert in various weapons and explosives, plus the game has also a pretty interesting story.

The hacking goes exactly as we all expected. I was looking at a review once done on television, where the film makers shoot all people from a building to reach a secure laptop. I remembered that I did the same mission by simply entering the door, hacked first video camera that I came across, and from there I jumped from room to room until I got to watch another floor of the building, where the guards were. I hacked a pipe to release some steam, drawing the guards there, and one of them had a camera mounted on the body; I looked through the room as it withdrew then right next to the laptop that I was supposed get, I received such access - register for free access.

The game allows it. You can shoot the bad guys one by one, you have at your disposal machine guns, pistols, rifles and grenades, or you can take it softly to hide behind corners and cars to sneak silent when they see you and eliminate them quietly. And if the environment allow t, you can hack various transformer to kill your enemies in the resulting explosion, you can deactivate their remote communicators to not call in reinforcements, you can distract them by sending messaged on the phone while sneak behind them and knock them in complete silence.

Basically, after analyzing the situation using different cameras in the area, if you make a good plan you can kills most enemies hacking stuff from that environment and then enter the area and kill the few remaining - uncover new options.

This is what I have expected and Watch Dogs does not disappoint me.